Sunday School/Kids Church
Trinity’s Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:00 am, Kids Church at 10:30 am, year round for 4 year old’s through 4th grade. Our teachers are energetic and caring individuals who truly enjoy teaching your kids Biblical lessons about God. For more information, contact Michelle McClanahan at 262-279-3052 or   Sunday School Sign Up
Trinity’s Confirmation Classes meet on Sunday’s at 9:00 a.m. (from September through May) Students starting in 5th grade and up attend this in-depth class which focuses on: The Bible, Prayer, Baptism, Holy Communion, the Apostles’ Creed, Martin Luther, the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer.  After completing the two year course, students will participate in the Rite of Confirmation in May and September, Reformation Sunday.    Confirmation Sign Up


Leading kids worldwide to know, love and serve Christ.” Our 4 year old through 6th grade youth meet every Wednesday from September through April from 5:55-7:30 p.m to play games, sing songs, enjoy interactive teachings through the international Awana program.  This evening midweek program is very structured and focused on doing what we do best, worship and serve God!    To sign up your kids, click here! Register hereor Learn more about Awanacontact Michelle McClanahan at 262-279-3052 or
If you would like to volunteer to be a leader, assistant or helper please contact Michelle McClanahan  262-279-3052.   
  6th-12th Grade Youth Group Impact/Detour 
Our middle school and high school students meet Thursdays
from September to May from 6:30 – 8:30pm at Trinity. We take a short break in the summer. Some components of our program include: camp retreats, mission trips, youth gatherings, local outreach and service projects, Bible teaching, games, and fellowship. Contact Michelle McClanahan at for more information! You can sign up for youth group here.
If you would like to volunteer to be a leader, assistant or helper please contact Michelle McClanahan  262-279-3052.  Retreats
First Communion
First Communion instruction is offered for children beginning in second grade or adults. Once a year Trinity offers a one time, two hour class on what Holy Communion means. Children and their parent come with a sack lunch and share a meal reminiscent of Jesus’ Last Supper. They see videos, act out aspects of the Passover, and participate in preparing for the Eucharistic meal. On the Sunday following the one time class, children will receive First Communion at the 10:30 a.m. service. Friends and relatives are invited to join in the celebration.  If you are interested in signing your child up for First Communion instruction, please contact Michelle McClanahan at and we will notify you when the next class will be taking place.  
Welcome to Kid’s Korner 
Click on the links below to find activities, watch the video story and hear a song to go along with the week’s lesson :

Click for video

How to show respect

based on Joshua 4:1-20
** Send us pictures of your ‘memorial stones’!!! **

The Helmet of Salvation – Jesus Dies for our Sins
Challenge #1 – pray with an adult to receive your own helmet (God’s protection)
Challenge #2 – make your own armor and send us a picture!

Breastplate, Belt and Shield – God Saves Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Good News Shoes – Philip shares the good news

The Sword of the Spirit – Peter and John Speak Boldly

Celebration! Miss Danielle tries to blow the horn of God. Pretty funny!

Happy 4th of July

Faith to Give Away – Naaman and the Servant Girl

How God Talks to us – God speaks to Samuel

God Makes a Hero – Gideon’s Victory

The Book of Daniel – The Fiery Furnace

The Book of Jonah – The Disobedient Servant

Telling the Truth – Micah is Honest with Ahab

Haman and Mordecai-Book of Esther- Trust in God when things get scary

Thank you volunteers for your past discipleship!  
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