Trinity Cares for you
During the Covid-19 crisis we are collecting helpers to serve others and will update you regularly. 
You don’t need to be a part of our church to get help, serve the need or love like Jesus.
Prayer Requests
Do you need a prayer?  Want to be lifted up by our congregation? Please submit request here. Prayer requests
Are you quarantined with a need?   Tell us here
Calling is Caring
Quick phone calls are best ways to tell someone you care about them and for us to keep in touch with each other.  Many of our members are staying safe at home. If you would like to be contacted please let us know here. I’d like a call   Do you need to contact someone from our congregation?  Please use the Church Community Builder (CCB)  link at the bottom of the page.   If the member has a public profile you can get their information. 
Other ways to help
If you have other needs or can help in some capacity, please fill out this connection card and we will get back to you as soon as we can!    Communication

Trinity’s Response to the Coronavirus

Trinity’s mission is to help my neighbor make a positive life-changing connection with Jesus Christ.

Our mission is wholistic, striving to speak to people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

1. Physically

– Trinity’s food pantry is open Wednesdays 4-6 and Saturdays from 9-11 to help family’s with basic needs.  This week, for example we provided food for over 100 individuals.

–  Trinity has deployed staff who grew up in Lake Geneva and Bloomfield who are serving in Kenya and Haiti.  We are sending funds to their mission sites in order to help people deal with the pandemic.

–  We support Lutheran World Relief, who’s disaster fund helps people in the USA and around the world with immediate relief.

2. Emotional

–  Part of Trinity’s ongoing mission is to help people and family’s deal with the stress of everyday life, especially now.  We sponsor Bloomfield Counseling Services (847–894 -0634); providing on-line professional counseling.  Our policy has always been to extend free counseling to first responders and their family.  For others we have a sliding scale according to one’s ability to pay. The most a person      pays is $35.

–  Members of the congregation are keeping their eyes out for their neighbor’s needs, making sure that  our elderly and vulnerable populations are especially cared for.

3. Spiritually

–  Typically we have hundreds of people meeting for worship every Sunday as well as community meals throughout the week.  These gatherings are central to our well-being and mission.  But now we are learning to be creative with our human interaction.

–  Twice a week we provide on-line worship services at

–  Every day Trinity provides a community daily devotion on Facebook, read by members of our church family.

–  We reach out to our children, youth and families regularly with video conferencing and on-line activities.

–  Palm Sunday – Drive through pickup: People will receive a palm branch, children’s painting kit and a blessing.

–  Good Friday – We will had a community “Stations of the Cross.”  Nine families provided different scenes from Jesus’ path to the cross.  And people will follow a map throughout the area and drive to the various homes to reflect on the Good Friday events from the safety of their cars.

–  Weather permitting, we will have an Easter “Outdoor Worship Service” with people gathered in their cars, like an outdoor movie.

–  We will also provide free Bibles which will be sent to individuals directly from the warehouse in order to follow our Bible Study focusing on topics which are especially needed as we are ordered to stay-at-home: (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control).

Resources During the Covid-19 Pandemic