New classes starting the end of January and look forward to an all congregation Lenten
Bible Study “12 Neighbors”.

We know that many of you are struggling through this CoVid pandemic so, Trinity is offering this 7-day jump start program for FREE!!  It will help you change your habits and start your road to becoming debt free. 

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Starting the week of February 7th, we as a church will be learning what it means to love your neighbor through our Lenten series the “12 Neighbors” project.  Our goal is to create a movement of people who are inspired and educated to love their neighbors like never before.  All groups (unless specified) will be held in person with the option to log in virtually via Zoom.  All groups will start on the days listed below. 
Lenten Small Groups
Sunday Feb. 7th @ 6pm with Dennis/Lisa Beatty
Monday Feb. 8th @ 6pm with Dave Amann
Monday Feb. 8th @ 6:00pm with Collen Gallo/Aryn Skilling
Monday Feb. 8th @ 6:30pm with Kim Halvorson
Tuesday Feb. 9th @ 10am with Pastor Joyce
Tuesday Feb. 9th @ 4:30pm with Pastor Brian
Wednesday Feb. 10th @ 10am with Cindy Metke/Dawn S
Wednesday Feb. 10th @ 6:30pm via Google Meet w/ Dick K.
Thursday Feb. 11th @ 10am with Danielle Princivalli
Thursday Feb. 11th @ 6:30pm with Jen/Ken Hopkinson
Saturday Feb. 13th @ 7am with Jeff Anderson
Saturday Feb. 13th @ 9am with Leif Anderson
                                                               Small Group Sign up