Membership means many different things to different people. Find out what being a member is all about at Trinity. Newcomer Classes are offered throughout the year. Led by Pastor Brian, you’ll get to know him and other leaders at Trinity as you learn about what it means to be a member. If you’re interested, please fill out this form.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership, Baptized and Covenant. Both call for members to strive toward achieving the Marks of Discipleship. These are seven ways we find through scripture and experience to help to us to continually develop a closer relationship with God.

The Marks of Discipleship

Members of Trinity strive to follow these seven Marks of Discipleship, found in scripture and through our own experiences to bring us closer to Christ:

1. I will worship regularly
2. I will make prayer and Biblical study a part of my daily life
3. I will support my church financially as I am able
4. I will serve in a ministry based on my spiritual gifts and talents
5. I will be involved in a small group, class or ministry team that meets on a regular basis

6. I will commit myself to sharing my faith with others in word and deed
7. I will protect the unity of our church by: Triads
– Acting in love toward other members
– Refusing to gossip
– Supporting our leaders
– Resolving conflict according to Matthew 18:15-17
– Living a godly life


Baptized and Covenant Membership

Baptized Membership
Becoming a Baptized Member signifies that a person has made a commitment to being a regular part of our community of faith, and is working toward committing to fulfill the Marks of Discipleship.

Covenant Membership
Covenant Members are actively committed to fulfilling the Marks of Discipleship while being assured of God’s constant grace and acceptance.

Unlike Baptized Members, Covenant Members are able to vote during congregational meetings, lead small groups, ministry teams, serve on the council and help determine the direction the congregation takes in the years ahead.