Sundays 6:00 PM
The new 7-day jump start program will help you change your habits and start your road to becoming debt free.   Millions have followed Dave Ramsey’s baby steps out of debt and into a life of saving and giving. Now you can too!   Trinity’s very own Dave Butler will lead you through the process from Sept. 16th – Nov. 11th.  Each Sunday a new lesson is given and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.  Sign up today! Click the link to enroll.   Financial Peace University Registration
Mondays 7PM
Faith Questions?
Answered with Stephen Wade 
Conquer Series:      Men’s Purity       with Randy            Gandy
The Armor of God with Cathy Skinner
7PM Turn Setbacks into Comebacks with Pastor Joyce
10 AM
Design or Darwin? 
During this
class, discussions 
and explains the scientific shortcomings with the Theory of Evolution, including the gaps in “Natural Selection” and the origin of creation.
Thursdays 6PM 
Sign Language with Jan Sonderman